Several Absurd Knock-off Toys

Save State: Game On Jul 27, 2020

Today, we'd like to send an appreciation for the ridiculousness, the craziness, and the insanity of knock-off toys. A few years ago, we found an outlet store that was full of them - and don't worry, we took photos.

1: Even for the Minions, This is Creepy

Keep an eye on the price stickers - this minion with a disco ball in their skull costs a cool $12.99 Canadian.

2: "Easy Comedy the Mini-Train"

Make way not for Thomas the Tank Engine, but for "Gusto Choochoo." Apparently, they're identical twins.

3: Not Part of Our Formula One Coverage

It's bold of them to make an F1 car with ice cream wheels, but that's apparently what to expect when there's "Bump 'n Go Action." Shoutout to the totally-not-a-Ferrari-design-they-stole barcode design on the back wing.

4: Diversity Fashion

It's amazing that the typefaces mostly match the original in the ripoff's logo.

5: Super Stunt Rotation Car; Cool Flash Light

The face is creepy on the box. (Price watch: $20 CAD, apparently.)

6: "Collect All These Exciting New Set"

What on earth does "Pleasurably Gharry" mean?

7: The More You Look at the Box, The Weirder it Gets

"Music" is listed as a point on the side, which makes me want a turkey-themed iPhone dock.

8: Gangnam Style "Pop Figure"

The "Pop Figure" clip-art doesn't even match the Psy figure on the bike!

9: Clash Tornado: Spinner Attack

Half of the text on the front of the box is hidden behind the clip art, and the totally-not-a-Beyblade has fallen out of place. Quality.

10: A Budget Laptop We Can Recommend

I mean, what other budget laptops can offer "46 Powerful Content Rich" as a selling point?

11: Yet Another Thomas the Tank Engine Ripoff, for Some Reason

$9.99 Canadian for this "Funny Locomotive!"

12: No Parking, it's Formula One

Actually, the fact that real F1 teams don't make these toys is extremely disappointing. So is the "No Parking" sign.

13: Super Robot, Super Glare

If robots take over the world, it won't be these ones.


Love the hat.

15: "ESpecial Superman"

Now go back to the first photo and check out the Spider-Man hands. Sorry.

Patrick Melbourne

641. Editor-In-Chief, College of Sports Media Graduate (2019), Broadcaster for Rogers TV in Barrie.

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