On Our Radar: Link’s Awakening, Goose Game, GRID: Autosport

Sep 24, 2019

It’s been a fairly standard summer when it comes to the Nintendo Switch release schedule, but that was always going to change with the release of a new game in the first-party flagship “The Legend of Zelda” series.

Well, we say “new” lightly. It’s a remake of a 1993 Game Boy game called “Link’s Awakening,” but it’s been completely redone in a new toy-ish style that’s very pretty.

It also incorporates HUD elements that are inspired by Breath of the Wild, and a brand new soundtrack to go with a less restricting movement system than the one from the Game Boy original.

The game also features a new dungeon-making mode, but it’s been getting mixed reception in the days since release, with some calling it underwhelming.

One area that’s disappointed some, though, is the price.

“Playing Link’s Awakening now, only gripe is the price. It doesn’t need to cost that much. But otherwise, really neat. Original was the second game I ever owned, so definitely some nostalgia factor, but that price is steep for what it is.”

The game is priced as a full release for the Switch.

On the same day, an oddity called Untitled Goose Game was also unleashed onto the system. With this, players were finally unleashed to annoy the living heck out of anyone as a goose.

It’s a unique game to say the least, even visually. With a cel-shaded style that relies on having a stylish look rather than having high-quality textures, it’s also a perfect fit for the Nintendo Switch.

We’re pretty sure that you don’t have anything quite like this already in your collection. If you do, please show it to us.

“I liked it overall! Kinda lacking in content though, and a decent chunk of the difficulty was just kinda annoyance…And I also thought that some of the puzzles weren’t really puzzles, I didn’t feel like I was solving anything for several of them…But overall it was pretty enjoyable and entertaining, and I think I’m gonna go back and get the extra stuff done once I get the chance.”

Just one day earlier than “Goose Zelda Day,” Codemasters snuck their Xbox 360-era racing game on Nintendo Switch, providing players with a realistically styled racing game on the platform for the first time. We’ve actually got our hands on this one, and can confirm that it’s a lot of fun to play.

There are plenty of kart racers on the platform, and Asphalt 9 is releasing soon as a free-to-play arcade option, but Codemasters’ new release is all Switch owners have if they want to throw purple sectors down at Silverstone.

With no competition, Feral Interactive easily could have thrown a weak port onto the console, but they put a lot of work into making sure GRID: Autosport was properly optimized for the console.

Patrick Melbourne

641. Editor-In-Chief, College of Sports Media Graduate (2019), Broadcaster for Rogers TV in Barrie.

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